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10 Uni Essentials you Can't Forget

Uni Dorm

Moving into a dorm room, now this can be an expensive venture. To make sure we keep this affordable, let's take a look at the University Essentials that you'll actually Need.

After experiencing and going through the Uni life, as well as making a lot of friends throughout the process, I've realised what the main essentials really are, and what you really need.

1. Storage Boxes

Storage Box

Product: Univivi Storage Baskets - Set of 4

As stated above, dorm rooms are absolutely tiny, so when it comes to storage. Get Creative. Use Bookcases and shelving to your advantage, by storing your makeup, vital supplies and even snacks in them!

They also allows you the joy of keeping everything mostly out of sight. An Aesthetic space is as important as a Functional Space, always consider this.


2. Extra Long Charging Cords

Iphone Charging Chord

Product: Cionum 3Pack 3M iPhone Charging Cable

These 3Metre Charging Cables were an absolute god-send, I would've struggled a lot relaxing in the evening without these. And missed a whole lot of morning lectures without my Phone charged up!

I'm sure your experience will be the same, but I quickly realised that power sockets seem to be placed to make your life difficult in Dorm Rooms. They ae literally in the WORST places.

I can't recommend these more, which is why I urge you to grab these as they are without a doubt an essential!


3. Anti-Surge Power Strip

Anti-surge Power Strip

Product Name: Mscien 5m Extension Lead

So, you've got 2 outlets, maybe 4. but then you own a TV, an iPhone, iPad, A Microwave, Hairdryer, Smart Watch.. and a hell of a lot more that just has nowhere to be plugged in.

Power strips allow so much more freedom, 2 outlets can come Ten, and with a 5 Metre Cable, you can create ideal spaces for yourself and have plenty of cable to move them around!

*TIP* Get a Surge Protected Power Strip. It's England, and bad weather plus a lot of power being used can sometimes end in disaster. Don't take the risk for an extra £3-5!


4. Dettol Wipes

Cleaning Wipes

Product Name: Dettol Wipes Big & Strong 6 Pack

Cleaning should always be on top of your list when preparing for any Dorm Room. with the use of a couple specific cleaning supplies and a quick routine, you can stay on top of all of your cleaning!

If there's one go to I always suggest, it's going to be Dettol Wipers every time. Quickly wipe down your surfaces and hit those hard to reach spots, and you won't regret it. Plus they smell pretty good as well!


5. Desk Organisers

Desk Organiser

Product Name: Yanavee Desk Organiser

Desk Organisation is absolutely Key when you're going through the Uni grind, I invested in a desk organiser early and honestly, it just helps to take the stress off a bit and properly prepare you for a long night of revision.

This one is our favourite BY FAR, it's fully customisable, and you'd be surprised how much that actually helps to sort your desk. Grab it now and don't miss out!


6. Mattress Cover

Mattress Cover

Product: ACRALI Mattress Topper - 4 Inch

If sleep is something you value, then a Mattress Topper will become your best friend in no time. Dorm Rooms tend to have cheap products, a lot of the time including a springy back-breaking mattress.

This changed my sleep immediately and actually, I prefer it to my bed I now have in my house. Grab it now before you head off! And this one is also Hypoallergenic, so it's ideal for anyone who needs it!


7. Desk Fan

Desk Fan

Product: Woozoo Silent Desk Fan

Stuffy, uncomfortable, sweaty.. Words we never want to say about our Dorm Room, right?

Make sure you plan ahead, in a small dorm things can get hot, and quickly. Plan ahead and grab yourself a Desk Fan, it's small enough to move around, and this one in particular saved my skin more than once.

It has a Genuine Patented design and supplies a cool breeze that's much needed. Grab it now!


8. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp

Product: Kimimara LED Desk Lamp

Another massively overlooked Essential right here, when it comes to that late night revision. And it will happen, regularly, you need to make sure you're fully prepared for those late nights!

Get your snacks ready, your desk lamp on. And get ready to slog through those late ones with no need for a half lit with a phone light Desk Grab it now!


9. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Product: TENQUAN First Aid Kit

Now, I was very lucky to have a room mate that was very clued up from day one, so I never went without a first aid kit while at Uni.

But it's something that's very easily skipped over when you're planning a list of Essentials for University! And don't sell this short, the amount of times you'll nick yourself and wonder around bleeding looking for a plaster over your next few years will be higher than you think.

Make sure this is included in your Packing List!


10. Blankets

Thick Blanket

Product: Bedsure Sherpa Blanket

This couldn't be a good packing list if it didn't include a Thick Blanket, and winter in a form room can't be a better reason for one.

It gets cold, seriously cold.. And without this I think I would've never made it through Winter! Ok I'm being a bit dramatic, but I mean it when I say how valuable a blanket becomes over Winter, Grab this Now!



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