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Everything you need:

Uni Essentials List 2023

The go-to page for everything you will need for University - from start to finish! 

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With large numbers of new students every year, we thought we would search the internet for the absolute uni essentials, taking some weight off your shoulders and making your university experience easier. 

We've got you covered! Everything from room decor, to study supplies; we will give solid recommendations to save you time and get the most out of your university experience. 

Before you Leave for Uni...

Here are some must haves that we recommend you get before you actually leave for Uni. These are things that you may need to use everyday, whilst you are at Uni, so make sure you don't forget them! 

When on campus running from lecture to lecture, you need a bottle that you can keep with you throughout the day. Bigger, eco-friendly, and keeps your drinks colder for longer. A re-usable bottle is something that everybody should have, but it's definitely a Uni essential! The vacuum insulation also means you could use it for hot drinks if you want, they will stay hot for however long you need.  

University dorms aren't always guaranteed to have the most comfy of mattresses, so why not treat yourself to a good nights sleep with a mattress topper. This isn't something that just Uni students need but something that I think everyone just get, so take this opportunity to get one for yourself! 

Ultimately, no matter how long you put it off, at some point you are going to have to some washing! This means you need somewhere to dry it. An airer is a simple solution that can save space when in not in use. We recommend you use the Beldray Elegant Airer, due to its quality, affordability and size!

No longer having the luxury of living in your own home, the shower is not as private and accessible as you may be used to. This means that you may have to walk through quite a public area clutching all your products as you go. Make this a whole lot easier with a shower caddy, similar to a wash bag, that has all your shower needs in one place. 

With all those electronics you are most likely bringing with you, you can't guarantee that you will plug sockets close enough to where you need them, or even enough plug sockets. Easy solution, get an extension cable giving you the freedom to do as you need. The Hulker Tower Extension Cable is perfect for your desktop or bedside table for when you are working. 

This is very important. Having your own bedding is a must, as there most likely won't be any bedding there waiting for you when you get to uni. Even if there was, choosing your bedding is an easy way to personalise a small part of your room to make yourself more comfortable in your own space. The Lanqinglv Duvet Cover is available in many sizes and colours, so why not get a few and change it up every now and then! 

This is a personal favourite on the Uni essentials list. Due to the amount of traffic in and out of your dorm room and building we can guarantee that your floor will be full of dust and hair. It will cling to everything! Catch it early with the Hoover 700 Cordless and keep your living space clean and tidy. 

They are a life saver in the summer, for those hot summer nights or a luxury for those relaxing evenings after a long day of uni. They are a comfort that you will never regret. With a variety of styles and colours available, they are a easy and sustainable way of customizing your own space.

University dorm rooms are usually quite limited when it comes to space, meaning you might not have the space for a bedside table. This simple design, bedside shelf is a space efficient alternative, perfect for your uni dorm. 

Kitchen Essentials

Below you'll find all of our favourite Uni Kitchen essentials we couldn't live without. And still use years later!

No matter how long you try and avoid it  you will eventually have to cook something or other. To do this you need a quality non-stick pan. Something that the food will not stick to, making it easier to clean and better to use on an everyday basis. 

An everyday item you forget that you need until you leave for university. We don't even need to explain why you need these items, just don't forget them before you leave for university. 

One of the most versatile and most used items in my kitchen. I sued my tea towels for everything from light  cleaning, drying and cooking. Without my tea towels I would be lost. I would also recommend getting dark tea towels when heading off to university. White tea towels wont make it a week!

Arguably the most important tool in your kitchen. The tool you will use more then any other utensil. It's hard to cook a meal without a good knife. Pick up this simple but high quality knife set and all your needs will be met.

Look after your knives, reduce mess and keep your deposit safe simply by picking some basic cutting mats or a cutting board. Protecting your knives, your counter and make it easier to clear up after yourself when you're done in the kitchen. 

Study Essentials

Everything you need to get you through your years at university baring in mind that uni budget.

At some point you are going to have to write something down. Pens are a necessity for everyone and I would be able to do much without one. You don't want to be that person asking around for a pen. So if i were you, I would pick up a few before you leave for university. 

So you have a pen, now you need something to write in. Grab yourself a notebook for all those lectures and bored doodles. A simple way of making your uni life easier. 

Now you have some equipment, you need a way to carry it around campus. With room for everything you need, including a padded laptop sleeve and straps to keep your stuff safe. 

Chances are that you are going to be doing a lot of work whilst you are at uni. Having a handy usb stick on your keys helps with backing up your work so you don't lose any. You can also transfer work between devices.

It may not work for you, but you may want to consider picking up some revision cards for those dreaded exams. 


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