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Tips and Tricks to Optimise your Cable Management

Organised Desk with Neat Computer and Speaker Set Up

Cable management is what you need to take your workspace to the next level. Luckily, we are here to provide you tips and tricks that we have found useful to help you with your cable management.

Assessment of your setup

Internal Technical Set Up of a Computer

Start by assessing your current setup. Take a proper look at the cables and cords trailing around your home or workspace.

Make note of any bright coloured cables, any cables that are overly tight or may even be way too long. By taking note of these you can look into changing them; this should be a good start into cleaning up your setup. If you're changing your cables, why not try braided cables or a wrap.


Custom Braided cables

Custom Braided Cables

These custom made, personised braided cables are perfect for your PC. Companies like Pexon PCs will custom make cables to your request, I have these in my own PC and they're nothing other than premium.

If custom cables are something you're in the market for, keep an eye on these guys moving forward, as there colour choices alone are ever expanding!


Empty Sleeving

Cable Sleeving System

Cable sleeves unify your cables and tidy up all those trailing cables by bringing them all together. They are quick, effective and easy to use. It's also great for any time you need to move the PC or desk, as with everything tidied into one neat cable, moving things around is now a smooth and quick process.

We suggest using the Alex Tech cable tidy sleeve to improve your cable management, cost effective and easy as ever to use.


Cable Trays and Under Desk Shelves

Organised Desk With Subtle Cable Trays to Organise Cables

Cable shelves are easy to install storage solutions that can save you time give you loads of options when it comes to cable management and aesthetic. They can hide a lot of cables very effectively and so are an efficient option you may want to take into consideration.

A cable shelf we have used in the past and will continue to use moving forward is the Under desk cable management tray - 2 pack. The product also comes with a large role of double sided tape, and this stuff is insanely sticky. You'll be left with plenty of spares to stick your power bricks under the desk and really finalise the Cable Tidy process.


Cable ties

Neatly Organised Cables Behind Desk Using Cable Ties

There are many options for cable ties and tidies, all great for organising and securing cables within your workspace.

They may not be the only thing you need but they are sure are great in assisting you to create a more organised working environment. Personally I have found Reusable Cable Ties to extremely useful. I have found that it is better to use reusable cable ties, especially if you are known to make the odd mistake.


Proper cable Management

Handful of Different Cable Types

By sorting your cables you can properly implement your cable management devices. Sort them however you want just try to avoid trailing and exposed cables. In doing so you will give yourself a cleaner and minimal workspace.


Is essence, cable management is one of the easiest ways of cleaning up your workspace, not requiring much effort at all, especially if you all the tools we have given you. What is stopping you from levelling up your workspace today.


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