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The best Luggage Solutions for Your Travel Needs | 2023

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In this post, you'll find a wide array of Smart, convenient and Quality Luggage solutions that should provide you optimal storage no matter where you might be jetting off to!

Check out some of our personal favourites below.

1. Lightweight Hardshell Suitcase

suitcase with travel contents

Product: Flight Knight Lightweight Suitcase

Keep your contents safe and costs down with this hard-shell overhead storage suitcase. Lightweight cost-effective and with a sleek design.

The hard-shell feature of this suitcase means you don't have worry about valuables being damaged when traveling across the world.

For only £60, you will struggle to find a suitcase to suit your needs as much as this. Great for weekend trips and holidays abroad. The all purpose suitcase to meet every need.


2. Hand-Luggage Travel Backpack

Bring all your must needs and essentials with you whilst you travel.

laptop backpack

Product: OKASIBON Laptop Backpack

By taking a backpack like the Okasibon Backpack with you on trips, you have all your essentials with you no matter where you go. And you can trust that their protected and secure as well.

This bag is ideal for any trip, whether its a weekend away and you need to take a change of clothes, and you need to bring along your laptop for the ride to do some work as well.

For the small price of £30, there aren't really any other options with this value for money. It's everything you need and will keep your items safe for years to come.


3. Weekend Bag

weekend bag

Product: Tuscall Travel Duffel Bag

A personal favourite for those shorter trips. This is a top loaded bag, making everything accessible and quick to pack for those on the fly trips.

With more space then a typical backpack but not as big a suitcase, this is great for weekend trips and can even be used as hand luggage if you need it to.

For only £23, this is a cheap travel solution for anyone looking for a day out or weekend away. And means you have a reliable bag for a long time to come!


4. Large Capacity Suitcase

hard shell suitcase

Product: ATX Luggage Extra Large Suitcase

This one is more for those family holidays and long trips away. Large enough to fit more then one individuals luggage should you need to and want to save on those extra luggage costs. A simple travel solution for the longer trips.

The hard-shell design is perfect for keeping your belongings safe from impacts when travelling. With a built in lock, feel assured that no one other then yourself can access your valuables.


5. Hold All

waterproof hold all

Product: Lakeland Active Ullswater 40L Waterproof Convertible Holdall

Similar to the weekend bag, but can hold a lot more. great for everyday use as well as for some of those longer trips away.

With detachable backpack straps, this bag can be used however you seem fit. This Holdall is also made of a High quality waterproof material, which makes sure its contents are safe and dry at all times!

With adjustable straps and and a number of durable carry handles, the reviews alone prove that this is a bag you know that you can trust.


6. Eastpak Tranverz L Suitcase

Nightstand Storage

I'm sure I can let the reviews speak for themselves, but when it comes to a sturdy and reliable suitcase it doesn't really get much better than the Tranverz L.

With Two compartments and a durable, high quality design. This is the perfect bag for almost any travel need!

The Tranverz L also comes in tons of different colour options as well, so you can decide on the perfect suitcase for yourself.



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