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Making the Most of Small Office Spaces

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With more and more people working from home, the challenge of trying to maximise your home office space has never been of a necessity.

Through reading this blog we will help you create an aesthetic, functional and productive workspace that suits your personal needs.


Hide your clutter and improve organization and accessibility

home office

Product: COSTWAY Mobile File Cabinet

Proper use of storage in an office can change everything. Having clever storage can improve overall organization, reduce clutter, and greatly help your space management. Good space management is vital in creating an efficient clean working environment.

Something as simple as an filing cabinet can completely change your office for the better. Adding that additional storage and organization opens up your workspace and eliminates cluttered, busy feeling. We Recommend you try the COSTWAY Mobile File Cabinet.

The COSTWAY is a simple, clean looking filing cabinet that can easily fit underneath the desk and solve a lot of your storage issues.

For more storage solutions, click here for our Home Office Series.


2.Functional Desks

Although hard to find, foldable desks are the optimal choice!

home office

Product: HomCom Folding Wall Mounted Desk

Foldable desks are perfect for every space. They are the optimal design for a functional working environment and space management. You have the functionality of a normal desk but you're not forced to sacrifice the large amounts of space that you would need.

Great for a tight workspace, cost-effective addition to any kids room, or as an innovative storage solution for anywhere in your home. Why don't you try the HomCom Folding Wall Mounted Desk.

The HomCom Folding Wall Mounted Desk also has a chalk board side wall, taking up minimal space on your wall and is ideal to also be used as a visual Diary, To-Do List and much more.

When you decide to unfold your desk you reveal an organised storage space that would usually be hidden, this is spacious, well designed and high quality.


3.Wall Space

The perfect vertical storage solution

Mocosy 2 Tier Sliding Cabinet Basket

Product: SKÅDIS Pegboard

Wall space is an often forgotten about method of storage that can build aesthetic, add huge functionality and it's so easy anyone can do it! A product like the SKÅDIS Pegboard is a simple easy to use method of storage that utilises wall space in an amazing way. They are extremely customizable and cost effective.

The peg board is almost as accessible as it gets, with everything in view in out of the way. Removing clutter and loose items of your workspace and instead, keeps it in arms reach but you wouldn't even notice it was there. Peak convenience! You'll fall in love with it, just like we have.


4.Desk Organisers

An essential for every desktop and functional workspace

home office

Product: Yanavee Desk Organiser

When it comes to organising your desk and creating a perfect working environment, my mind instantly goes to desktop organisers. They are the most simple workspace solutions out there and they couldn't be easier to use.

This also allows for you to easily manage your everyday items into an accessible product, such as the product we suggest below!

Product Recommendation: The Yanavee Desk Organiser. This is the perfect example. Fully customizable desktop storage that can be made the suit your needs any way you want. Move your clutter to your desk organiser and change the look and feel of your desk. You'll be creating a better working environment that will increase your productivity.


5.Clever Lighting

Game changing! Easily changeable and perfect or any room.

home office

Product: Nanoleaf Lighting Kit

Having clever, innovative lighting solutions in your home office is a absolute must! Why have an amazing office with bad lighting? There are plenty of options on the market, designed for every need.

The best we have found is the Nanoleaf Lighting kit. High quality trust worthy products made by the leading company in office lighting. A company that specialises in unique lighting for any space, that's easy to install and completely customisable in shape and colour.

The Nanoleaf can also be controlled by Alexa (built into the Nanoleaf) and can integrate into other Smart Home systems. They are already widely used and beats out all competition on the market.


In conclusion, maximising your office is space is easy, but can take a lot more effort then other rooms if you want to make that optimal working environment; all you need is smart planning and some creative thinking.


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