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10 Brilliant Dorm Room Storage Ideas

Stylish Dorm Room

When it comes to fitting all of your belongings in your dorm, it can prove to be quite a challenge. But knowing the best dorm room storage ideas can make your space not seem so small!

Were sure these Storage options will inspire you to take your usual plain and busy room and turn it into an organisers dream!

1. Desk Draw Organisers

Desk Draw Organiser

Product: STORi SimpleSort 6-piece Organiser Set

Having organisation throughout your study space makes you feel SO much more put together, it becomes a much more calming environment.

A lot of the desks that are in dorms when you first get them can be pretty disgusting, so first things first. Clean it. Then focus on making it your organised escape!

Our favourite product is the one above, and for less then £15 you can't go wrong!


2. Under the Bed Storage

Under bed storage

Product: Omygarden Under Bed Storage Containers

Making another use of otherwise left space, under bed storage is an absolute life-saver.

I made use of this for Summer and Winter clothing, as it's not something I want to be dragging in and out from under the bed all of the time. I instead treated it almost like a seasonal suitcase, and it worked perfectly for me across all the years.


3. Closet Organisation

Space Saving Hangers

Product: HOUSE DAY Space Saving Hangers

You'll use these through your entire Uni Life, and Home life after that! When I found these Hangars, it was an absolute life saver.

I was struggling for space more than ever at one point and without these, I would've started to really become strapped for space. Just make sure your Dorm Closet allows you the space to stack your clothes in this way.

And for only £11 for a Set of 10, you won't find better!


4. Ottoman Storage

Ottoman Storage

Product: HOMCOM Modern Storage Ottoman

Storage when you're setting up in a small space needs to be multi-functional. And one of the best ways to do this is with an Ottoman.

You can keep some simple bits in these, but they operate so well as a seat as well! Make the most of this simple storage piece.


5. Mirror Storage

Mirror Storage

Product: COSTWAY Mobile Jewellery Cabinet

Trying to figure out how you're going to store all your jewellery or belongings?

This is the ideal product, the Door Mirror and Jewellery Organiser! It might be a lot when it comes to storing in a dorm room, but if you have a lot of jewellery. Then it's probably the ideal product for you.


6. Night Stand Storage

Nightstand Storage

Product: COSTWAY Bedside Table

I wish I had something like this when I went to Uni.. it literally has everything you need!

Before we jump into this Bedside Table, it's always a good idea to make sure you have somewhere to put your phone at the end of the night, or your books and cup of coffee etc.

Now, onto the bedside table, this is great! Not only is it a great size, it comes with a Smart LED built-in and it has a built in USB, so you can easily use a long charging cable and charge your iPhone or iPad with ease, what a great addition to your Dorm.


7. Wall Shelves

Corner Shleves

Product: Asskanaer Wall Mounted Corner Shelves

Making the most of space in a Dorm Room is an absolute Necessity, and the most unused space is the corners of a room.

Take advantage of corner spaces, for example next to your bed or desk, and use shelving to make these functional spaces. Whether it's for your phone at night or to add a personal style to your room, it's a perfect way to use this space.


8. Food Station

Portable Food Station

Product: CAXXA 3-Tier Rolling Metal Storage Organiser

Now come on, we know you didn't think of this! This is an ideal form of multi functional storage! use it for any commodities and even place your microwave on it!

If this is something you need, it can act as the perfect makeshift Kitchen! or even the perfect snack tray for movie night!


9. Storage Trunk

Storage Trunks

Product: Beautify Storage Trunks, Set of 2

Privacy is something we all look for, and unfortunately, that can be hard to get when living in a Dorm. So make sure your treasured belongings are kept safe from prying eyes.

This set of 2 Trunks worked out great for me as I ended up keeping my personal documents in the smaller of the 2, and then anything important to me was kept in the other!

it can also easily be stored away under the bed and they're both quite visually appealing as well.


10. Fridge Organiser

Fridge Organiser

Product: KICHLY Premium Storage Organiser - Set of 8 (4Large + 4Small)

Not only are these extremely cheap, they also give you the ideal place to store and organise all of your fridge goods.

When you're at Uni, I'd imagine you do what I did, one shop every couple weeks and then a load of stuff just being chucked into the fridge. Then you just forget about what's at the back, and yeah, not fun cleaning.

These allow you to keep everything clean and neat, and gives you the perfect place to store everything!



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