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Neutral Dorm Room Ideas | 10 of The Best Decoration Ideas for 2023

Stylish Dorm Room

Decorating your room as can genuinely be one of the hardest things to accomplish. To make your room a great space to be in!

Check out some of our favourite ideas below, we've made sure to also add a few functionally decorative items in as well, as without function in a dorm room it would just be a mess!

1. JACKCUBE Rustic Coat Rack

Easily the best Mop we've ever used! Cheap Mop Bottoms and easy to Store!

Coat Rack

Product: JACKCUBE Design Rustic Coat Rack

Keeping your space tidy and looking good at the same time is something I think everyone strives for. And with this JACKCUBE Coat Rack you can definitely accomplish that!

This is a lightweight coat rack as well, so no need to drill it into the wall, simply stick and go if need be.

The thing we love most about this Coat Rack is that it provides ample space for all of your everyday keepsakes as well as your coats and hats, and for less than £30 you can't go wrong.


2. Rugs

Cleaning Made Easy when it Comes to all washing up, even BBQ's!


Product: Viceroy Modern Rug

When first getting into your dorm, it wont take you long to realise that Dorm Floors aren't exactly the nicest thing.

We highly recommend investing in a nice rug, not only for decorative purposes but also hygienic reasons as well.

If this is something you're seriously considering, take a look now at the Viceroy Modern Rug, it's affordable and has multiple size/colour options!


3. Pin Boards

Pin Board

Product: Uoisaiko Large Felt Board Tiles (6 pack)

When it comes to being a Uni Student, having creative solutions for study is something that everyone needs, and having a functional and decorative pinboard is one of the best ways to do this.

By keeping current info in your eyeline and up to date, studying can become a much easier process!

And for under £30 for a Set of 6, you won't find better!


4. Faux Plants

Faux Plants

Product: ALAGIRLS Decorative Faux Plants

When it comes to giving your dorm a decorative touch, nothing quite does the job like a bit of greenery.

We suggest Faux plants every time though, they need zero maintenance and you can't kill them ether!

When searching for Faux plants online, always try and find sets with matching Pots to really tie a room together.


5. Faux Ivy

Faux Plants

Product: Danisch Hanging Faux Ivy

Much like our Faux plants above, we love the effect Faux Ivy can bring to a room.

You can use it on the edges of shelves or tack it to the corners of your ceiling to add a really great feel and effect to the room!

Grab yours below now.


6. Room Lighting

Fairy Lights

Product: BXRUIO Fairy Lights

Lighting is another great way to decorate and bring a personal touch to your dorm room, and with fairy lights its so easy to do this!

You have to remember when looking for lighting, some places don't allow plug in lighting due to 'fire hazards' so make sure you grab plenty of batteries!

Grab these Battery powered Fairy Lights now and make your room your own.


7. Bedding

White Bedding

Product: WONGS BEDDING Classic Seersucker Duvet

Another massively under looked decoration point within a Dorm is probably your most used area, and that's your bed.

With neutral and bright bedding you can bring colour and style to your dorm room with ease, you can also use your bedding to create almost any environment you want, from dark rustic tones to colour and out there vibes.

My personal favourite is the WONGS BEDDING Classic Seersucker Duvet. It's affordable, high quality and SO comfy! Grab yours now


8. Mirrors

Wall Mounted Mirror

Product: Lokiiz Wall Mounted Full Length Mirror

A simple but effective option, everyone needs a mirror to see how great they look, and prep for their everyday.

But using certain shapes and designs can continue to add a feel to your room, take a look below at a favourite of mine, and for under £20 it's ideal!


9. Over Door Storage

Over-Door Storage

Product: Brilliant Jo Over Door Storage

Being unable to drill anything into the walls like shelves when it comes to storage can be a real headache. But keeping things decorative and functional at the same time with some clever products is something that's easily done!

Make the most of available storage choices with overdoor storage. Just make sure to lay down something soft on top of the door as if you chip it, you'll be paying for a new one!

The Brilliant Jo Over-Door Storage is great. It's cheap, has a ton of space and is so easy to it. Go ahead and get one for your storage now


10. Personal Pictures

Picture Frames

Product: SONGMICS Picture frames Set of 10

And finally, but certainly not least. Make your dorm personal and fill it with memories with this set of 10 picture frames.

They come in a ton of different sizes allowing them to fit anywhere and create tons of great patterns!



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