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Our Must-Have Dorm Room Cleaning Tips + Schedule | 2023

Stylish Dorm Room

If you're anything like me, then having a nice, tidy and clean space is an absolute must-have! And when the clutter and mess does start to build up, it can seriously affect your focus and stress levels.

Well, in this post we're going to make sure your space and shared space can be kept clean at al times and I've also made sure to include some tips that got my through my years as well.

1. Create a Weekly Schedule/Checklist

Cleaning Checklist

Get On Top of Your Cleaning

Now when it comes to cleaning, I've noticed the main thing we all seem to clean is we worry about it when we see it starting to get slightly unclean.

And that may not be the best way to go about this, sure it keeps things looking nice and tidy, but in all of those crevices and hard to reach areas, dust is sure to be building up!

And this is why I made sure to set a schedule with all of my Dorm Mates, that way we all knew exactly what we were going to be cleaning each week, and trust me when I say it made all the difference.

Another thing you can do as well, is assign rooms to different people, that way things can be kept on top of with ease. Download our blank Cleaning Checklist below (we kept the colours simple to make sure we don't steal all of your Printer Ink)

Cleaning Checklist Download:


2. A Room a Day Keeps the Mess Away

Simple Dorm Room

Keep It Simple and Easy

Another big thing I like to preach and use as a method to my madness is focusing on a single room each day, and that's per person.

By sticking to a regimen like this, you can easily manage to stay on top of any shared kitchen/living spaces. And make each week quick and easy by staying on top of it at all times!

You can easily put this in place with the Cleaning Checklist.


3. Set Specific supplies Aside to Clean Each Room

Cleaning Caddy

Make Cleaning a Streamlined Process with This Simple Step

This is something I do in my own home now and started back at Uni, and honestly it makes cleaning areas of your house/Dorm an absolute breeze.

Set small Cleaning cubbies in your closet/storage in each room. That way when it comes to cleaning, you won't be searching around for what you need and be irritated when you realise you don't have it in stock and have run out.

I even buy multiple of the same product if it's needed for most rooms as well so that I basically never run out. It's a simple thing to do, but it honestly makes all the difference!

Check out our top 10 Favourite Cleaning Products Post here


4. Candles/Incense


Product: OLGA Reed Diffuser

Whilst this is a post primarily about keeps on top of your cleanliness, sometimes smells can creep up in your home that you can genuinely become 'Nose Blind' too.

Just make a conscious effort to grab your self some candles or a Reed Diffuser and set them in a few different spaces where they'll fill the room. Click below to grab an OLGA Reed Diffuser, Our personal Favourite.


5. Align With your Roommates

shared accomodation

Teamwork Makes Everything Easier

Now, this is by far one of if not the most important point. You now need to get your fellow roomies to join in with the checklist and everything else!

This is really important as once everyone agrees, life just becomes so much easier. You can all budget for cleaning supplies together, making it so much cheaper for everyone and also get the chores done SO much sooner and leave time for that all important revision and partying.



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