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Bathroom Convenience Must Haves 2023 | Uni Packing List

Uni Dorm

When you first get to Uni, prep is probably one of the most important steps you need to to take! And when it comes to the usual shared accommodation, prepping for life using a shared bathroom should be one of your most important steps!

Below you will find all of our 6 favourite Bathroom Conveniences and we're sure you'll love them as well.

1. Caddy Bag (Mesh)

Storage Box

Product: Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy

We love this bag, and judging from the Amazon reviews so do thousands of others! A mesh Caddy is something that will be vital throughout your Uni years.

The Haundry Shower Caddy has a main compartment with 7 smaller compartments, making sure you have ample space for all of your necessary items. Grab yours now!


2. 100% Cotton Towel Set

Iphone Charging Chord

Product: Welhome Franklin Grey Towels 6 Pack

When it comes to buying towels for Uni, make sure their a very high quality, these could potentially be with you for years. We recommend a high density Cotton towel so that you can dry as quickly as possible and the high Quality means they'll last for a log time to come.

Our suggestion above comes with a high towel density of 600GSM, a luxurious textured finish and sustainable manufacturing.


3. Casual Flip Flop Sandals

Anti-surge Power Strip

Product Name: Sugar Island Unisex Flip Flops

I mean, what do we really need to say here.. Shared Bathroom, Hygiene, cleanliness. Please buy some Flip Flops.


4. Unisex Bath Robe

Cleaning Wipes

Product Name: Weave Essentials Unisex Bath Robe

Sometimes it can be a real pain going to and from the shared bathrooms and having to get undressed, then 'Air your dirty Laundry' on the way out, I can't think of anything worse than accidentally dropping your Caddy and having your clothes falling out!

That's why we always suggest a Bath Robe, it makes going to and forth so easy and is a must have item in our opinion.


5. Waterproof Speaker

Desk Organiser

Product Name: JBL Clip 4 - Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Having a bit of music whilst showering is something we always suggest, and why not do it in style with the JBL Clip 4? This speaker is waterproof and provides an excellent sound!

And for under £40, it's such a great accessory and can be very convenient if music is something you always have on like we do.


6. Toiletries Case

Mattress Cover

Product: Narwey Toiletries Carry Bag

We always make sure to have a toiletries bag with us, if not only for carrying our non waterproof items, then to also keep any items we don't need people to see private.

We've also made sure to find one that's a great size and has multiple compartments to allow for easy carry and access! Grab the Narwey Toiletries Bag below.


We hope you've found our suggestions useful to you and potentially found yourself some helpful Products to make your Uni journey a more pleasant experience!

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