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Which Mechanical Slim Keyboard to Buy - The Ins and Outs

Computer Desk with Keychron K4 96% Mechanical Keyboard

This Post is part of the 'Home Office' Series In this series we go over all things you need to make the perfect Home Office/Gaming Space!

Mechanical and HQ Slim keyboards have been gaining popularity over the years, and for good reason. These keyboards are designed with durable and responsive switches that provide a satisfying typing experience.

Whether you're a gamer, a writer, or just anyone working in the office or from home, a mechanical or Slim keyboard can take your productivity and enjoyment to the next level. In this article, we'll explore seven reasons why you should consider switching to a mechanical or slim keyboard, and provide you with product recommendations for which mechanical keyboard to buy.

All keyboards listed below are dual compatible with Apple/Mac Set-ups.

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Keychron K4 96% Keyboard

LOGITECH G915 Wireless Keyboard

Newmen GM610 60% Keyboard

Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

iClever Wireless Keyboard, Bluetooth Keyboard

1.Keychron K4 96% Keyboard

Keychron K4 96% Keyboard

Wireless Connectivity and the highest Quality Products

The Keychron K4 is a popular mechanical keyboard that has gained a lot of attention from keyboard enthusiasts and casual users alike. This keyboard offers a great balance of functionality, portability, and design.

It can also connect to up to three devices at once via Bluetooth, making it easy to switch between devices with the push of a button. Customisation is also a major here which allows you to select the exact typing style and also many RGB selections as well.

We can't finish here without bringing up the Quality materials either, it's seriously hard to find a keyboard that matches up to this and with it's price point, it's a winner in our books in terms of which mechanical keyboard to buy.

For me personally, it's my absolute favourite and daily choice without a doubt!


2.LOGITECH G915 Wireless Keyboard

LOGITECH G915 Wireless Keyboard

Aircraft Grade Aluminium, Premium quality throughout

The Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED TKL has a sleek and slim design that looks great on any desk. It is a tenkeyless keyboard, which means it does not have a numeric keypad, making it more compact and portable. The keyboard is also very lightweight, weighing only 2.2 pounds, which makes it easy to move around if needed.

Not only does the LOGITECH G915 provide Lag Free responsiveness, the battery life also boasts an impressive 12 hours with RGB on, and an incredible 40 hours when off.

A great Work and Gaming Keyboard with a sleek design, when considering which mechanical keyboard to buy it's a great choice for almost any use.


3.Newmen GM610 60% Keyboard

Aesthetic image of the Newmen GM610 60% Keyboard

One excellent and affordable package - Budget Friendly

The Newmen GM610 mechanical keyboard has a compact design that makes it easy to take on the go. Its small form factor is ideal for those with limited desk space or those who want a portable keyboard for work or travel.

One of the standout features of the Newmen GM610 is it's customisable market. This means that you can easily swap out the keycaps (as seen above) without having to hunt all over the internet for the design/colour you like.

Overall, the Newmen GM610 is a great keyboard, with a high quality build and a large following, it's an ideal keyboard for customisation and for those on a budget its certainly a mechanical keyboard to buy.


4.Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

Yellow Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

Wireless, Compact Design with a Mouse combo

The Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard is a versatile and stylish keyboard that offers the convenience of wireless connectivity and the tactile feedback of mechanical switches.

When considering which mechanical keyboard to buy, take a look at how the Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard features mechanical switches that provide a satisfying tactile feedback and a fast and accurate typing experience. Available in two different switch types: Blue and Red, users can choose the switch type that suits their typing style and preferences.

From a reputable brand, this mechanical keyboard has become a fan favourite and a real feature piece with the right office setup.


5.Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Sleek and Minimalist with a Stylish Design

The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard is a compact and versatile keyboard that allows users to connect and switch between multiple devices with ease.

The keyboard also features a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to take on the go. It weighs just 14.92 ounces and is less than an inch thick, making it easy to slip into a bag or backpack. We tried to find something slimmer and lighter to top this - and while it exists, the quality of this slim keyboard is unmatched.

TIP: This keyboard is also ideal for those with acrylic nails or difficulty typing on a mechanical keyboard (Girlfriend Guarantee).


6.iClever Wireless Keyboard, Bluetooth Keyboard

iClever Wireless Keyboard, Bluetooth Keyboard

Ergonomics in mind, Bluetooth Slim Key setup

Firstly, the iClever Wireless Keyboard features Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to connect it to a variety of devices.

In terms of functionality, the iClever Wireless Keyboard includes all of the essential keys, including a full row of function keys and arrow keys. It also includes a number pad, which is not typically found on compact keyboards. The keycaps are well-spaced and provide a comfortable and responsive typing experience.

The iClever Wireless Keyboard also includes a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 90 hours of continuous use, an important factor when choosing which computer keyboard to buy. It can be charged using a micro-USB cable, which is included in the package.


In conclusion, mechanical and slim keyboards offer a range of benefits that make them a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their typing experience.

Whether you prioritize durability, gaming performance, customization options, or ergonomic design, there's a mechanical and Slim keyboard out there for you. If you're looking for which mechanical keyboard to buy, consider one of the products mentioned above or do some research to find the perfect keyboard for your needs.


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